Increase your awareness of intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings. Together we can lay the foundations for your success in business through intercultural communication that assures that your language reflects your intentions and helps you achieve your goals.

Rhonda L. Bowen
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Rhonda L. Bowen
Hohlweg 8
41334 Nettetal-Breyell 

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Coming from Düsseldorf, you drive the A 52 in the direction of Mönchengladbach until you can turn off onto the A 61 in the direction of Venlo, NL. Continue on the A 61 until you reach exit 5 to Nettetal. At the end of the exit ramp you turn right and drive straight ahead to the first traffic light, where you turn right to drive into Breyell. Keep driving straight ahead into Breyell until you see a tower on the right. The street makes a left-hand curve here. Continue along this street until you see Dohrstrasse on the right. There is also a sign for a parking lot that says P5. Turn right at this sign and you’ll be on Dohrstrasse. This street then makes a left-hand curve at the parking lot 5, keep following the street until you see an intersection with benches and bicycling signs. The street makes a right-hand curve, but then you can turn left into Hohlweg. We are house 8 on the left.

Coming from the Ruhr area, you drive the A 40 in the direction of Venlo, NL until you reach exit 2 Nettetal. At the end of the exit ramp turn left, then drive straight ahead until you see a gas station on the left side. You are in Leuth. At the next traffic light there is a lane to turn left. Turn left and drive straight ahead until you come to a T in front of a church. Turn right at the T and follow this street to Breyell. When you drive into Breyell, you see a half-timbered house on the left. Turn right at this intersection into Dohrstrasse. You pass a small castle on the left, then drive under the highway. The next street where you can turn right is Hohlweg. We are house 8 on the left.