Increase your awareness of intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings. Together we can lay the foundations for your success in business through intercultural communication that assures that your language reflects your intentions and helps you achieve your goals.

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Conduct Seminars Successfully in English

Would you like to conduct seminars in English? You can deal with the terminology, but you still feel uneasy when it comes to the language skills you need to impart the knowledge you have and conduct the sessions effectively? Together we can practice giving instructions to participants, organizing group work and giving appropriate feedback in English.

Real Life Example

A trainer is asked to conduct a seminar, which he presented in German, to a European audience. Although he feels comfortable with the subject matter in English, he lacks the language skills for other important aspects, e. g. giving clear instructions, to conduct the seminar successfully.

Improve your command of the English language and prepare your seminars in such a way that you feel at ease during the seminar and can be confident that the participants understand exactly what you want to say.

Would you like to conduct your seminars in English in a convincing manner? Then contact me!